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How to Make Money BETFAIR Trading

What is Betfair Trading?

This site focuses on Exchange Trading. Specifically Betfair Trading on flat horse racing.

Most bookmakers will only allow you to bet on who will win (a BACK bet). A sports exchange acts as a platform that matches a person who wants to do this with someone who thinks the horse won’t win (this is called a LAY bet).

So Exchanges allow you and me to back and lay. This opens up lots of ways to make money.

INSIDETRAXS will help you Trade Betfair whether a beginner or an experienced trader.

1. NEWSLETTER publishes a Newsletter nearly every day with tips and hints which you can use in your Betfair Trading Strategies.

Making money is not all about picking winners the tips we provide also include back to lay candidates, lays or lay to backs and place value opportunities.

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2. We use facts & statistics to formulate profitable Betfair trading strategies.

The creator of InsideTraxs has been studying racing for more than 30 years and trading for more than 15 years.

He has made more than 80 VIDEOS on the Insidetraxs Youtube channel. Whether a complete beginner or a more experienced trader there is something for everyone.

Taking the facts and statistics at our disposal we show you how to employ different Betfair Exchange Trading strategies such as back to lay betting, cashing out in running, finding place value bets, spotting false favourites, scalping and other methods to make a profit.



Works out from your back bet, odds and profit requirement what stake and odds your lay bet needs to be.


From comparing the amount of money placed on a horse versus the total on the race you can tell if a horse is overweighted in the market or underweighted.


This compares the amount of money available for BACKING a horse and the amount available for LAYING it. If the market is unbalanced then the calculator will tell you if at that moment the horse is likely to DRIFT or SHORTEN.

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There are several sports betting exchanges but the best known and biggest is BETFAIR (see the video to right).

Others include BETDAQ (Ladbrokes), Matchbook, and Smarkets. You can see the pros and cons of each of these exchanges here.

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