About us

The creator of InsideTraxs, has been studying racing for more than 30 years and wants to help those who want it, to use information to develop winning betting strategies, bet smarter and ultimately to make money.


InsideTraxs has studied the large number of so called “FREE BETS” offered by online bookmakers as incentives to sign up and bet on their site rather than one of their many competitors.

These Free Bets come in quite a few different shapes and sizes with complex T&Cs (further explained on our Free Bets page).

We have developed a whole system – called System 200 – which tells you which are the best sites, how to make a no risk qualifying bet, how to turn free bets into withdrawable money in your account and even what horses/races being run today are the best to use for each part of the process. It’s easy, quick and works!


InsideTraxs works on giving logical reasons why some events happen more often than you might expect and why others happen less often.

This knowledge then leads to formulating winning betting strategies which involve using Betfair Exchange to trade based on the strategy we are following.

The facts used come from many sources such as:

  • Draw bias – does a horse gain an advantage from the stall it is drawn in
  • Horses, jockeys or trainers who like certain courses and not others
  • The going and how it affects outcomes
  • All weather versus turf
  • Sire stats which give clear indication about the going the progeny will like and which they won’t.
  • Left handed track preference versus right.
  • Trainer and jockeys who are on the hot (in form) or cold (out of form) lists.
  • Tracks that favour – front runners, galloping types, specialists etc.


Betfair was started in 1999 as a place where punters could bet against each other rather than against the bookie.

The set up an exchange which works like the stock exchange or any other exchange. Someone offers a price on a horse and if this price is attractive then someone will take it. The person offering the price is acting like a bookie and the bet he is taking is called a “LAY” bet because for him to make money the horse needs to loose. The person taking the price is making the “BACK” bet.

So Betfair offers you and I for the first time the capability to not only back but also lay a horse – see a simple guide to using Betfair here.

This means we can do a whole load of things that we couldn’t do before:

  1. Trade a horses price. This means backing a horse at a high price and then laying it at a lower price and then taking the difference as profit. This is called scalping and you can find out more on my YouTube video here.
  2. Back a horse before the off at a high price, and because you know that it likes to front run and is the only horse in the race that does, then after the off when it goes off in front – LAY at lower odds and take the profit. This is called a Back to Lay bet – see my YouTube video here for more explanation here.
  3. Get PLACE value from races where there is a particularly low priced favourite or where we believe that the horse in question has a great chance of winning but we want to hedge our bets. For example see my YouTube video here.
  4. LAY horses who are low priced favourites only because nothing else stands out. They are favourite not because they have shown great form but because they appear to be better than the rest ie the best of a bad bunch. These are FALSE FAVOURITES and should be layed.
  5. CASHING OUT on Betfair Exchange is really easy and for some is a way of ensuring that when their bet shows a profit they can take it – see the YouTube video here .
  6. Betfair also has tools which can help you spot which horses in a market are shortening in price and which horses are drifting – watch the YouTube video on this here.

Also we will talk you through using Betfair as a way of watching racing live in real time as it happens for free (ITV, Racing UK, At The Races and online bookies often have several second delays on their racing feeds). So be ahead of the game!