Bath Racecourse

Bath Racecourse

Bath Racecourse

Key Characteristics

Bath Racecourse is set in a lovely town, however the course doesn’t quite match up to those standards, having said that the viewing facilities are very good due to the narrow oval course.
Bath is the only racecourse not to have watering facilities and therefore the going can get very fast, with a going description of firm not unusual. The run-in is uphill all the way and tends to suit galloping rather than the sharp type of horse.

Draw Bias & Pace Analysis

It is thought over the sprint distances that low is favoured because they come out of a shute with a dog leg to the left – this should favour low drawn horses.

However if you have been to Bath racecourse you will know that horses running up the rail from an inside draw have to go down into a dip and out the other side while wider horses remain on the flat. This tends to mean that the wider horses are better balanced coming onto the main course.

The advantage for high drawn horses from the stats shows that 28 winners come from high draws versus 8 from low draws over the 5f.

Over the extended 5f (5f 161yds) this bias for high drawn horses is slightly less being 39 to 25.

Over 8 furlongs there also appears to be a bias for high drawn horses with a 37 to 19 ratio of winners.

As far as the pace is concerned it is quite difficult to win from the front at Bath. Possibly because of the stiff but long up hill finish which will allow and favour horses to come over the top.

5 Furlongs – 18th out of 31 courses
6 Furlongs – 24th out of 27 courses
8 Furlongs – 9th out of 25 courses

It is slightly easier to front run over 8 furlongs.

Trainers & Jockeys

TrainerRunnersWinsPlacesPrize MoneyStrike-RateP/L
M S Saunders932234£79,68523.66%£26.66
M R Channon761830£91,07123.68%£12.75
R Hannon1031743£126,05216.5%-£43.97
C G Cox681631£97,61823.53%-£0.57
R Harris1141444£68,86212.28%-£23.75
M Johnston591428£99,32323.73%-£18.67
B R Millman771328£46,85116.88%£43.00
C Hills531327£54,54324.53%-£0.95
A W Carroll951230£47,05412.63%-£20.92
Sir Mark Prescott2097£34,77045%-£4.54


JockeyRunnersWinsPlacesPrize MoneyStrike-RateP/L
S De Sousa952334£95,44024.21%-£20.59
A Kirby621725£109,24227.42%£9.91
F Norton711630£127,96222.54%-£12.25
L Morris1321552£55,17911.36%-£78.79
Fran Berry721229£61,42016.67%£3.03
S J Drowne701228£38,19317.14%£19.13
R Winston561119£37,32919.64%-£16.62
S W Kelly891035£36,46911.24%-£48.00
Josephine Gordon671025£53,97314.93%-£19.33
Charles Bishop601022£41,93716.67%£10.00


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