Betfair Exchange Explained

Betfair Exchange Explained

Even though it was founded in 1999 a lot of people don’t know what Betfair Exchange is or how it works.

In the video below InsideTraxs explains all you need to know from registration to how to watch racing in real time for free.

Betfair Explained - A beginners guide

We also show you how to take advantage of our 0% Commission offer.

Betfair exchange explained takes you step by step through the Betfair site and explains some of the most useful features.

You can get more advanced advice on using Betfair to make money on our YouTube channel.

Who are we? is here to help you BET SMARTER. Providing sound facts, inside information & statistics to help you choose winning horse racing betting strategies and make you money.

Unlike other tipping sites we want to provide winners in high percentages not the occasional 33/1 shot which makes up for the other 32 selections who didn’t win.

In the last three months we have achieved an overall strike rate of 52.2% with 131 WINNERS from 251 selections!!

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