BHA announce a return to Racing on Wednesday

Late last night the BHA announced:

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) tonight announced a risk-managed return to racing will take place from Wednesday this week. After consultation with its veterinary committee, and based on the latest tests conducted by the Animal Health Trust, the BHA’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Brant Dunshea, tonight confirmed that racing could resume, but only with strict biosecurity controls in place. This decision to return racing in a controlled, risk-managed manner was unanimously supported by the industry veterinary committee.

We think that this is great news and we applaud the BHA for the action they have taken in taking swift and decisive action to stop the spread of this extremely contagious disease. If they have done the job that they say they have and things are closely controlled then they may well have stopped a massive outbreak which could easily have claimed Cheltenham.

Let us not forget that two non thoroughbreds have died of this disease in the last few weeks.

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