Betfair – Real Time Stream FREE

In this post we will show you how to watch live racing FREE in real time with my Betfair – Real Time Stream FREE video.

Unlike ITV or the main racing channels (Racing UK & At the Races – both of whom charge a monthly fee) whose feeds have between a 3 and 5 second delay, we show you a neat trick using a Betfair account which means you can watch any horse race live and in real time without charge.

This will give you the edge if you want to get involved in “in running” betting.

To summarise:

  1. Open a betfair account
  2. Go to the race you want to watch live and in real time (as opposed to on a delay with ITV, At The Races or Racing UK)
  3. Look at the top two or three in the betting and click on the chart bar (which is right next to the horses number).
  4. The chart that comes up will show you the direction that horses odds are going in and the amounts being bet on it.
  5. If the horse is shortening (ie its odds are getting less 3/1 to 2/1 for example) then you want to put your £5 bet on the blue back odds. If the odds are drifting (getting longer) then your £5 goes on the red lays box.
  6. Hopefully someone will take you up on your bet and then all you are looking for is to bet £5 at the same odds but on the opposite box. So in the example in the video I bet £5 on the red lay box at 4.8. When that was taken I was ready with my £5 back blue box bet at 4.8 which was also taken.
  7. The net sum game is you have backed and layed the same horse at the same odds so there is no gain and no loss.
  8. However to Betfair you have met their minimum bet criteria (£5) and you can now watch the race live by clicking the “Watch Live” button.