Get Real Time Race Stream – FREE

In this post we will show you how to watch live racing FREE in real time with your Betfair Account.

Unlike ITV or the main racing channels (Racing UK & At the Races – both of whom charge a monthly fee) whose feeds have between a 3 and 5 second delay the Betfair feed is as close to real time as you can get.

This will give you the edge if you want to get involved in “in running” betting.

To summarise:

  1. Open a betfair account (if you don’t already have one make sure you get one of their new customer offers like a free bet)
  2. Go to the race you want to watch live and in real time (as opposed to on a delay with ITV, At The Races or Racing UK)
  3. Then just click on “Live Feed”

The live feed only comes up if it is less than 10 minutes before the race and the feed will stop two to five minutes after the race.