Winning betting strategies – Cashing Out on Betfair

Cashing out on Betfair is a way of locking in profits or avoiding losses. In many of the winning betting strategies recommended here at InsideTraxs we refer to PLAN B being get out of the bet if it is not going to plan.

So in a “back to lay” bet InsideTraxs will often recommend this strategy if we think a horse has a chance to get out in front and therefore see its odds shorten dramatically during a race. We will then make our money based on this drop and once we have done that we don’t have to worry about who actually wins. Follow the link to get more information and to watch the back to lay video.

Plan B in a back tolay bet is often to take the option of cashing out on Betfair.

Below is a short video to explain the principles of cashing out, how to use it and when to use it.

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