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About Us – Bet Smarter is here to help you BET SMARTER. Providing sound facts & statistics to help you choose winning betting strategies and make money.

Mike Bennett, creator of InsideTraxs, has been studying racing for more than 30 years and wants to help those who want it, to use information to develop winning betting strategies, bet smarter and ultimately to make money.

A statistician by training, Mike works on giving logical reasons why some events happen more often than you might expect and why others happen less often.

The facts he shares come from many sources such as:

  • Draw bias – does a horse gain an advantage from the stall it is drawn in
  • Horses, jockeys or trainers who like certain courses and not others
  • The going and how it affects outcomes
  • All weather versus turf
  • Sire stats which give clear indication about the going the progeny will like and which they won’t.
  • Left handed track preference versus right.
  • Trainer and jockeys who are on the hot (in form) or cold (out of form) lists.
  • Tracks that favour – front runners, galloping types, specialists etc.


It is an absolute fact that horses drawn wide in 5f sprints at Chester are at a massive disadvantage.


Well at the Olympics when they line up for the 400m (one circuit of the track) do all the lanes start from the same point? No. Because the guy in the outside lane has to travel further and so he gets a head start on those on the lanes on his inside.

The same is true at Chester. It is a tight circular track and the horse on the inside has the advantage of going less far than the outside stalls and has a better chance of leading and so doesn’t have to race wide to get past the rest.

The only way an outside drawn horse can win is if it breaks really fast gets across to the rail in front of the rest and is good enough to hold on despite this extra exertion.

So the smart money avoids the wide drawn horses in sprints at Chester.

In addition to sharing facts Mike provides FREE tips and NAPS.

He gives advice on where the best bookie FREE BET offers are and how to claim them.

He will also talk you through using Betfair as a way of watching racing live in real time for free and how to use Betfair to make money.