Chepstow Racecourse

Chepstow Racecourse

Key Characteristics

Chepstow Racecourse is set in the lovely Wye Valley just across the Seven Road Bridge. It is a great course to visit if you are looking for a fun day out in a lovely setting. There are relatively cheap hospitality boxes and this is a great way to mark a special birthday or other celebration. Flat and Jump racing takes place at Chepstow.
Chepstow could be described as basic as the amenities don’t match up to the bigger tracks but it is also quite informal and you can get close to the horses and jockeys.
The course is very different to many other courses in that it is very undulating and the last 3.5F in the straight are up hill.

Draw Bias and Pace Analysis

All races up to a mile are run on the straight course which is almost entirely up hill. The draw in sprints seems to favour high numbers but only slightly. At 7f there appears to be a bigger bias and over a mile that bias is not there. In soft conditions the bias seems to be more for low drawn horses. When high drawn horses win the highest stall wins a greater proportion than any other.

The pace analysis shows Chepstow to be fair to most styles of running with the exception of 1m where it appears front runners can do well (ranked 7/25) and over 2m where it is nearly impossible to front run and win! – Probably due to the long undulating up hill finish.

Trainers & Jockeys

Eve Johnson-Houghton, Ed de Giles, Clive Cox, Richard Hannon and John Flint.

Callum Shepard, John Fahy, Franny Norton, Oisin Murphy, Dane O’Neil and Charle Bishop.

Chepstow Racecourse
Chepstow Racecourse
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