Free bets to Cash

Turn Free Bets to CASH in two simple steps using Betfair.

It’s simple when you know how.

Follow the simple steps and start making money straight away.

We do everything for you from providing our unique “Stake & Return” Calculator, which you can download off our homepage, so you can make £250* or more.

* This is the average amount you can get in real cash profit from following the instructions below.


It uses a process of matching back bets with lay bets and has been made possible by the introduction of betting exchanges; the most popular of which is Betfair.

Betfair allows you and me to act like a bookie; by being able to lay a horse (bet against it) as well as back a horse. We can use this lay betting facility to turn bookmakers introductory free bets into cash.

By covering all outcomes of an event, we are able to FIRST:

  • Claim free bets; with minimal risk to our initial stake.

AND then:

  • Employ a similar process, using InsideTraxs unique “Stake & Return” calculator, to turn those generous Bookies FREE BETS into money available in your bank account.

What do you need to do this?

  1. You need to be over 18.
  2. You need to have access to your own LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer. Actually two computers are even better!
  3. You need to be new to betting online or have not opened online bookmaker accounts (they can tell!).
  4. Initial deposits for the online bookie (£5-£10 per account) and an initial deposit for your Betfair account of around £100. This money is for matching purposes and should not be gambled and it is intended that this money will be withdrawn back to your bank account once you have finished.
  5. You will need photo ID and proof of address to open online accounts.

Watch “How to make money with Betfair” here.

1.You then turn Free Bets into Cash in TWO simple steps.


Make a RISK FREE qualifying bet to get you New Customer Free Bet


Turn the FREE BET into CASH

It’s as simple as that!

There is a video which explains “what is a free bet?” and how the system works; watch it here