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Every month Insidetraxs has an audit of what we have recommended and what results have been achieved.
We do this for three reasons:

  1. Because we charge you for this service – we should be able to demonstrate a return on your subscription
  2. If we don’t measure we won’t get better.
  3. These will also be published on the website


One of our best months with an ROI to a £1 stake of £48.76 (51.3%). We had a few really good days with NAPs hitting six times in a row and some really decent priced longshots.
For the first time I have split out:
1. The straight lays from the L2Bs. Where I recommended L2Bs, the trade came in 8/8 times whereas straight lays were 75%. However both delivered a similar profit albeit there were twice the number of lay selections.
2. Longshots are split into straight and longshots where my recommendation is that they should trade lower. Once again the longshot trades all worked through. The straight longshots, though, really came through this month unlike other months with a great return. We had some really nice winners up to 9.8 BSP.
Overall the Strike Rate for all selections was 70.5% which is one of the best so far.

Below are the detailed results for our B2L tips for January:

After the difficult last quarter of last year (October to December) when we only just scrapped a profit, January was a steady month with some really good days of 100% success. We lost nearly a week to the weather which meant less trades were available but it also meant that the ROI was fabulous at 42%. DOBs which took a pounding in October to December bounced back but is still not recommended.

A good start to the new year and things seem to have settled down and we got back in the groove with 14 points of profit. Overall for the period after we improved the structure (brought in star ratings and no traded big drifters) from April ’22 to January ’23 we have 106.5 points of profit at 21% ROI.

Below find the cumulative results.

Note: Dobbing really does badly in a poor month but bounced back in a good month whereas the preferred 50% ROI route provides less variation and more stable profits.

The strategy I use for choosing B2L candidates is based on four criteria:

  1. Selections have a record of trading at 50% of BSP at least 80% of the time (min 5 runs)
  2. Race needs to be reflective of those that the selection has been competing in eg similar class, distance, going etc
  3.  Target ROI is 50% and a drift of 33% or more from the current (at time of writing) Betfair price = NO TRADE.
  4. My judgement – why do I believe that the race will be run to suite the selection plus a star rating on my confidence in the selection

All the best

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