How do jockeys really match up to each other?

This page is dedicated to providing you with some essential facts about UK’s flat racing jockeys.

To start the process off I have produced a spreadsheet which you can download and manipulate so that you can see which jockeys have made the most in prize money, which ride the most frequently and which deliver the most profit.

To start you off, here are a couple of screenshots which first shows a list of 71 jockeys listed by their first name and then a list of jockeys showing at the top the jockey who is delivering the biggest profit to £1 level stakes.

At the bottom is the link to the Xcel Spreadsheet.

List of Jockeys by first name:

Jockey Stats listed by first name

List of Jockeys by Amount of profit at £1 level stakes:

Downloadable spreadsheet for you to compare and contrast each jockey:

Jockey stats 150223 v1