PICK MORE WINNERS by understanding different RATINGS

Who doesn’t want to pick more winners? SURPRISE SURPRISE no takers for that one.

More to the point when TRADING Betfair, who wants more selections who you are confident will run well and be in the mix at the business end?

Any Betfair Trader who wants to make money can do it following various Betfair Trading Strategies which don’t need any horse racing knowledge at all, such as CHART MOVEMENTS, SCALPING or TRADING ORDER FLOWS.

However, wouldn’t it be better if the horse you are trading also has a great chance of running well and wins on a regular basis.

The video I have just released looks at racehorse ratings, the differences between them and how to use them to pick more winners. It is 25 minutes long but should arm you with the knowledge to use the information available to hone down the best meeting, the best race and the best horse on which to place your hard earned money!

PICK MORE WINNERS - understand the secret to using Racehorse Ratings

Cheers and let me know how you get on at mike@insidetraxs.co.uk

Best of luck




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