Power Hour – Betfair Trading Tuition

Trading Betfair Power Hour can be tailored to Trading Betfair for Beginners or to those with more experience who just want to gain useful hints and tips.

If you are Trading Betfair for fun or if you are Trading Betfair to make money you should always be prepared. Trading Betfair is a bit like a dogfight – it is you up against other traders. If you win someone loses – THAT’S A FACT.

Unique to Insidetraxs, we offer subscribers and non subscribers the opportunity to get one to one tuition via videolink tailored entirely to your needs and experience.

We will be able to guide you and help you avoid silly, but possibly expensive mistakes.

There is an introductory offer of £50 for the first hour then £150 for any subsequent hour with Members getting a 50% discount on this.

The Power Hour is a chance to talk through your trading objectives, what bank roll you can afford, whether you do this for fun or want to have it produce some sort of income.

What time can you spend trading, is it horses or other sports that you are interested in (we specialise in horse racing and in particular flat horse racing), etc?

Please contact me at mike@insidetraxs.co.uk to get more information and arrange a suitable time and day.