Profitable betting strategies – False Favourites

At InsideTraxs we want to help you spot opportunities and develop profitable betting strategies.

We do this by analysing each race and by looking for the value angle which then allows us the formulate those profitable betting strategies most suited to that particular race.

Profitable betting strategies take all sorts of forms – back to lays, place value, in running lays etc.

Today we look at the identification of false favourites and how we use the information we have to provide profitable betting strategies. The video below uses an example from a race on the afternoon of September 10th at Brighton:


More FALSE FAVOURITES - spot them and make money also provides free tips most days to help you bet smarter.

Most tips are for win bets but also the site tries to identify place bets and back to lay bets among others. is here to help you BET SMARTER. Providing sound facts, inside information & statistics to help you choose winning horse racing betting strategies and make you money.

Unlike other tipping sites we want to provide winners in high percentages not the occasional 33/1 shot which makes up for the other 32 selections who didn’t win.

In June we have achieved a staggering 45.8% strike rate with 49 winning tips from 107 runners.

In July we had an even better month with a 53.1% strike rate with 26 winning tips from 49 runners.

Then in August we smashed it with a 58.9% strike rate with 56 WINNERS from 95 runners!!

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