SYSTEM 200 launch

Today we announce the System 200 launch.

System 200 is a simple process that if followed can turn appropriate online free introductory offers into between 65% and 75% of their face value as CASH.

So a “Bet £10 get £30” offer should convert to somewhere between £19.50 – £22.50 CASH.

The System 200 launch has been scheduled for the NEW YEAR so that you can start 2019 with at least £250 more than you had in 2018 using this quick and simple method.

All the product detail are available here.

You can take a first step to making really good money for as little as £3.99. For that you get the STARTER PACK which is aimed at delivering up to £18.50 profit.

Once you have your profit from the Starter Pack then go on to buy the COMPLETE PACK (which is only £13.99 if purchased straight off) and if you have already purchased the Starter Pack it’s only £10!

So your New Year’s resolution is to take those generous free introductory and turn them into CASH*.

*This proposition is not for GAMBLERS. It is a method/process which if followed results in risk free cash for you to spend on a holiday, clothes or a great night out. Do not look at this as gambling. It is a one off convert free bets to money and go.

Watch the video below for more information.

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