InsideTraxs.co.uk T&Cs

InsideTraxs.co.uk is a website dedicated to the concept of betting smarter and making money using betting exchanges such as Betfair. The aim is to alert readers to current betting opportunities and advise them of specific betting strategies that may improve their betting profitability.

InsideTraxs.co.uk has also developed a method to make it easy for their customers to qualify for and then convert bookmakers free bets to cash. The method is called “SYSTEM 200” and involves a process of matched betting; where back bets are matched by lay bets, to provide a risk free profit. Recommendations are made (by email to purchasers) by InsideTraxs.co.uk on which horses or races to use and an unique “Stake & Return” calculator ensures profit is made whether the horses win or loose. As long as the system and the terms and conditions of the online bookmakers are adhered to then cash profits are assured. InsideTraxs.co.uk will not be liable for any losses incurred by anyone for whatever reason including but not limited to:

  • failing to comply with the online bookmakers T&Cs
  • failing to adhere exactly to the “SYSTEM 200” process
  • mistakes made in placing bets
  • mistakes made in matching bets

Anyone seen to be abusing the system will have their access to private parts of the site withdrawn and will be removed from the members mailing list.

Refunds for the purchase of any product on the InsideTraxs.co.uk site will be at the absolute discretion of the managers of the site.

InsideTraxs.co.uk has many years of horse racing expertise and as such we want to share as much of the knowledge we have to help get the most out of your betting experience. We provide information and statistics on racecourses that we call TrackFaxs. This gives you valuable access to:

  • which stalls produce the most winner called the draw bias
  • what style of running is favoured called pace analysis
  • which trainers & jockeys do best at different tracks
  • as well as information about the venue which could be of value to you if going for a day out at the track.

InsideTraxs.co.uk also has many years of experience using Betfair Exchange. We want to share various strategies which can, if followed correctly, deliver profitable results. However, as with any exchange trading, positions need to be taken in markets which could then turn out to be lose making.

InsideTraxs.co.uk will give tips in the form of a NAP OF THE DAY and other more specialised tips in the daily newsletter sent out most days.

InsideTraxs.co.uk accept no responsibility for any actions made or bets placed following the reading of information on this site or via any links provided on this site.

InsideTraxs.co.uk will always strive to provide accurate information, however, this cannot be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of the information provided, prior to placing any bets. Information on this website is not a recommendation to gamble and any bets placed should only be done so with funds that the reader can afford to lose.

InsideTraxs.co.uk does not accept any responsibility and/or liability for any losses and/or damages sustained by anyone using services linked on this site or following the information provided on the site or via e-mail correspondence.